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A system and method uses light signals to detect and display the position of an airborne vehicle, such as a helicopter, during takeoff or landing or low speed, low altitude operation. A transmitter on the vehicle emits light signals while an optical receiver retrieves reflected light signals. Using light detection and ranging techniques, various parameters, such as altitude, ground speed and relative wind, are calculated based on the Doppler shift within the reflected light signals. The signals are transmitted in three different directions to facilitate the measurements of different Doppler shifts. The parameters are also displayed on a screen or other visual device within the vehicle.

Docket:AARL 2003-80

Publication/Issued No.:7,557,734

Publication/Issue Date:2009-07-07

Categories: Method

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Inventor(s):ESTRADA III, A.; PERSSON, J.

For Licensing Opportunities, please contact the ORTA at


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