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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply for a license for one of USAMRMC's technologies?

Any company interested in acquiring commercial rights to technologies protected by intellectual property by USAMRMC must acquire a license. The first step in doing so is to complete the application for licensure available on the website. The application along with any supplemental information such as recent SEC filings and a business plan should be submitted as described in the template on our website.

How do I know what technologies are available for licensing?

The issued patents and published pending patents available for licensing are listed on our website. We continuously strive to update our website in order to provide a complete overview of our technologies. If you are unable to locate a technology, or if you would like to find out more about a specific area, please contact us for further information. Additionally, our issued patents and published pending patents can be found on the USPTO website.

What types of licenses are available?

We offer four main types of licenses:

  • Exclusive license - limits the invention to only a single group or entity
  • Nonexclusive license - allows the use of the invention by multiple groups or entities.
  • Commercial evaluation license - grants a nonexclusive right to make and use the technology for the purpose of evaluating the technology internally. These licenses have a limited time span and do not grant any rights to sell the invention.
  • Biological Material License - generally grants a license to technologies that are not protected by any intellectual property.

What if the technology I'm interested in commercializing does not have any protected intellectual property associated with it?

Currently, DoD similar to NIH and USDA, executes licenses for nonprotected intellectual property by using either a Biological Material License or a CRADA for commercialization.

What are some of the financial reimbursements that USAMRMC requires for its license?

Since each technology is unique, the financial terms for each license are also different. Generally some of our financial terms include, but are not limited to: reimbursement for patent prosecution costs, execution fee, annual minimum royalty, percent sales, sublicensing pass-through fees, and other milestones fees upon attaining regulatory objectives.

Where is the Technology Transfer Office at USAMRMC located?

Our offices are located in the Judge Advocate General (JAG) building at 521 Fraim St. on Fort Detrick, in Frederick, Maryland.

From Washington DC - Take 270 North to 15 North. Take the 7th Street exit. Stay on your right on the ramp and merge on 7th Street. Continue to go straight passing the McDonald's. As you get closer to the post, stay in your right lane. Follow signs for security for non-decal cars. Continue to go straight after security check. At the stop sign make a left turn on Porter Street. Turn right at the third street, Fraim Street. The JAG building (521) is the second one on your left. Visitor parking is available in the front.

From Baltimore - Take 695 to 70 West. Follow to 15 North and proceed based on the above directions.



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